New roof, East Killara

The last couple of weeks have given us some pretty dreadful downpours, making it almost impossible to get through any scheduled roof works.   The weather managed to prolong the completion of leaf screen installation to the town houses in Gladesville, and has certainly slowed up all works waiting to[…]

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Leaking Roof Pennant Hills

With our Pymble re-roof almost complete we are starting to get through some other roof repairs, this week just around the corner in Pennant Hills.   This house needed all gutters replaced including the box gutter. After pulling off all the existing gutters we then installed all new gutters, fixing[…]

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Central Coast Gutter Work

Leaf Screens and Gutter work  Central Coast roofers call 02 9477 7961 No roof repairs for todays blog. Instead we want to mention a job that we did that was very focused around gutters. This central coast home owner owned a lovely home just off Pearl Beach. Most of our[…]

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St Ives Roofing Work

A rusted gutter

For St Ives best roofers call us on 02 9477 7961 Todays blog will outline just a few of the smaller things that we often find ourselves doing at houses. Its not all huge roof replacements or roof repairs but sometimes it is a smaller job like cleaning gutters. To[…]

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