New roof, East Killara

The last couple of weeks have given us some pretty dreadful downpours, making it almost impossible to get through any scheduled roof works.


The weather managed to prolong the completion of leaf screen installation to the town houses in Gladesville, and has certainly slowed up all works waiting to be done.


We are almost back on track with Gladesville complete and a few very local tile repair works carried out. Obviously these customers were very grateful to get their roof works attended to, with the wet weather comes lots of leaking roofs.


Our next job and very satisfied customer was just up the road in Northmead. This roof needed some defective lead renewed to the front dutch gable, and a new valley installed. Along with these repairs the customer wanted all new guttering installed. This was a type of guttering that slotted into the eave lining boards and took a little extra workmanship to install it correctly.


NSW Tafe are now on half term, which means our apprentices are on board all week hopefully giving us a chance to catch up. This week sees us on a new roof installation, for a builder that we have worked with for many years. It is in East Killara and they are using a Boral shingle tile in colour eclipse.


We feel very proud at Southern Cross Roofing that we have such a wide variety of works that we are qualified and experienced in doing. One week from the next takes us to so many different levels of roofing all of which we put in 100% effort and attention. This not only gives us satisfied customers but also satisfied team members.



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