Understanding the Ins and Outs of Roofing Materials

To truly be considered roofing experts, you need to be able to accommodate all roofing needs. To that end, Southern Cross Roofing works with a variety of materials.

Available Sydney Roofing Materials

When planning for your new roof, it is important to choose a style that match the design of your home and its external fixings. Here are some of the more popular materials that we work with:

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta, which means baked earth in Italian, has been around for an extremely long time and has proven its sustainability. Non-combustible and available in a number of finishes, these tiles are a great style choice for Australian homeowners. They may fade, crack, and discolour after time, but it’s nowhere near to the degree of concrete tiles.

Concrete Tiles

If you are after roof tiles in Sydney that can deal with very harsh weather conditions, then concrete tiles are your best bet. These are highly customisable, making them an option for almost any homeowner. In addition, they are very sturdy; able to last for as long as 50 years though you will notice some discolouration, fading, and cracking after some time. They are usually made up of Portland cement, small portions of hydraulic cements, fly ash, and sand though the composition may vary depending on the supplier.

Slate Tiles

While we love working with terracotta and concrete tiles, Southern Cross Roofing has taken a particular liking to slate making it our area of specialty. We have travelled to Wales and Spain, visited the quarries where they are harvested, and are comfortable to call ourselves the masters in slate. We have won several awards for our work with slate, which you can find in our award gallery. We only use the highest quality slate such as Penrhyn County to ensure that your home stands above the rest!

Metal Roofing

A popular choice for many modern Sydney homes, a big advantage of metal roofing is its positive impact on environmental sustainability. COLORBOND roofing in particular has recycled content such as zinc, silicon and aluminium. Not to mention that it is 100% recyclable.

A staple in Australian communities of yesteryear, metal roofing has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence. Apart from being eco-friendly, it also perfectly suits the modern style of most new houses. COLORBOND colour options also have no limit: various colours of steel available with various levels of paint gloss finishing.

Understanding Your Warranty

First, you can expect a manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover the cost of the roofing material. Second, Southern Cross Roofing also issues its own warranty, which will cover any problems caused by faulty installation.

Note that a warranty is reliable as the company who issues it. Recent years have seen a proliferation of roofing materials that have failed prematurely, despite having decades-long warranties.

Whichever company you decide to go with for your roofing materials, make sure that they are a reputable organization with the history and financial resources to stand behind their product.

Are Dark or Light Roofs Better for the Environment?

When choosing your roofing materials, colour is a factor that goes well beyond personal preference. According to the Fifth Estate, a study by Berkeley Lab in California determined that white roofs performed better than dark roofs both economically and environmentally. The report suggested that dark roofs should not be used in warmer climates, in order to cut down on energy costs while deterring the formation of an urban heat island effect.

However, in Sydney, a great majority of supplier sales come from dark roofing materials. If you want to make an environmentally-friendly choice, choosing lighter roofing materials seems a smart way to reduce energy consumption costs while keeping your home cool.

However, based on our experience here at Southern Cross Roofing, dark colours do indeed attract more heat. However, the difference compared to the heat generated by light-coloured tiles is minimal.

To cover all possibilities with dark materials, simple modifications like insulation, ventilation and sarking (flexible insulation installed underneath the battens of the roof) can perform just as energy efficiently as light-coloured roofs.

Let’s Talk About Sydney Roofing Materials

If you are still unsure as to which roof product is for you, then please give us a call. Truly passionate about roofing supplies in Sydney, we are happy to provide assistance in the decision-making process. We can supply you with sample tiles & colour charts when considering which tile to use.

On top of that, we also offer free quotes so there is no reason not to call us! We are the roofing company of choice due to our ability to provide amazing service with a variety of roofing materials.

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