Leaking Roof Pennant Hills

With our Pymble re-roof almost complete we are starting to get through some other roof repairs, this week just around the corner in Pennant Hills.


This house needed all gutters replaced including the box gutter. After pulling off all the existing gutters we then installed all new gutters, fixing gutter brackets to fascias, then fixing gutters, stop ends, outlets and downpipes, and the new box gutter.

We replaced defective valleys and re-bed and pointed all ridge caps and gables. There was also some defective lead, which we removed and fixed new lead apron flashing.

This customer decided to have leaf screen installed to all valleys and gutters, which we installed by fixing the poly mesh under the 2nd course of tiles.

Installing our leaf screen does of course mean that no gutter maintenance is required in the future and having just had all new gutters this was definitely the best choice.


There was a fair amount of work to be done here but with all hands on deck we completed this in a couple of days, and are now ready to move onto our next few roof repairs. Next week brings a new skylight installation on a unit block roof.

And on a quick weather note, I am sure I can feel spring in the air.



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