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A rusted gutter

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Todays blog will outline just a few of the smaller things that we often find ourselves doing at houses. Its not all huge roof replacements or roof repairs but sometimes it is a smaller job like cleaning gutters. To stay at the top of our competition, we have to be skilled in all areas of roofing which means providing services for all projects, no matter how big or small.

Our client Neil from St Ives, had some serious gutter blockage from an excess amount of leaves. It can be a very tedious and tiresome task to do this all by yourself so why wouldn’t you call a roofing company to help! We cleaned out the leaf debris, cleaned out the gutters including scraping them clean where necessary and then we blew the remaining roof clean using one of our high quality, heavy duty leaf blowers.

We also offer a variety of preventive options. We install leaf screens and gutter guards to ensure you get the most value out of your gutter. Check out our gutter services page for more information.

We were able to offer competitive prices by offering a free quote that they could compare with other roofing companies. We pride ourselves on offering great prices while maintaining a very high standard of excellence. There is a reason our director Mark Webster is the president of the Master Tilers and Roofers Association!

Don’t be worried if the roofing work you need performed is only a small one, we are still happy to make the trip. These small jobs gives us the chance to meet new clients and develop a relationship so that when bigger tasks such as roof repairs pop up, you’ll think of Southern Cross Roofing!

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