Roof Maintenance

Protecting Your Home Against Sydney’s Summer Storms

Storm rolling in to Sydney Harbour

It is no secret that climate change is having an affect on Sydney residential life. Most seasons are unchanged except for summer, which is seeing increasingly extreme heat and more torrential rainfall. A home is your family’s refuge from the elements, of which adequate roofing and insulation is more important[…]

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St Ives Roofing Work

A rusted gutter

For St Ives best roofers call us on 02 9477 7961 Todays blog will outline just a few of the smaller things that we often find ourselves doing at houses. Its not all huge roof replacements or roof repairs but sometimes it is a smaller job like cleaning gutters. To[…]

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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

Southern Cross Roofing is determined to provide you with as many service options as possible. We understand that to be competitive we need to not only offer a wide variety of services but to perform them at expert standards and hard to beat prices. With so many options available to[…]

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