Central coast guttering, downpipes and leaf screen on a metal roof

From the central coast to the city centre, from one week to the next. The variety of views you get from up here repairing roofs it pretty amazing.

This week we have been at Pearl Beach on the central coast, and what a beauty it is. With almost 50 steps to get up to the front door, our apprentice isn’t thinking so much beauty as hard work….

We removed all existing gutters and downpipes from the entire roof area and replaced with brand new. First we fixed new gutter brackets to the fascias, line and levelling them to create the correct fall. We then fixed a new quad gutter and all stop ends and outlets onto the guttering.We sealed all joins and fixtures with silicone seal, and formed all folds for downpipes on site. We carried the downpipes through the deck to reach the drainage below. We really are nearly reaching the clouds on this one.We then fixed all downpipes with astragals.With all guttering and downpipes complete it was time to install the leaf screen.

For this we matched the aluminium mesh colour, to the metal roof colour and fixed the mesh to the metal sheets using corrugated saddles, also to match colour of the metal roof. We then fixed the mesh edge to the gutter using the colorbond trim. The leaf screen we use is, in my opinion, the best that money can buy. There is no need for regular gutter cleans or for that matter any gutter maintenance, as this leaf screen does the job it is supposed to, and keeps all the leaves out of the gutters.

Now this roof repair is complete we are moving onto our next one which is a tiled roof repair in stanmore, but more about that next week.



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