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No roof repairs for todays blog. Instead we want to mention a job that we did that was very focused around gutters. This central coast home owner owned a lovely home just off Pearl Beach. Most of our blogs are detailing jobs that we performed closer to the city but its about time we spoke about our friends to the North.

We started by removing the existing gutter from the entire roof. We obviously provided a range of different colour options to suit the houses aesthetic before continuing to fix the new gutter brackets to the fascia. We then continued to fix the new quad gutters and any stop ends.  Then there was the crossing of the t’s and dotting of the i’s to complete the gutter, but that did not guarantee a long lasting gutter!

Once the gutter was put in place, we needed to install a new aluminium screen mesh  and attach it to the metal roof sheets via the colorbond saddles. Tris involved trimming the mesh to have it at the right lengths and widths and using silicone seal to keep it in place. This will help guarantee a long life span of the gutter and remove a lot of extra work required from the Central Coast home owners. It would be very silly of us to finish a job creating work for the client so we always suggest that they take extra measures to secure their greatest investment.

Head on to our gutter services page to find out what kind of gutter work we could be doing for you. If you spend too many weekends cleaning out your gutters, then you need a leaf screen so call us on 02 9477 7961 to get a free quote.

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