Roof Repairs

The importance of roof maintenance

You want your house to be a source of pleasure, a place you are happy to return to every day after work. Homes are often the pride and joy for people who are able to own one. To keep the house in good condition, however, you have to take care[…]

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Roof repair Gordon

With the rain out of the way and summer almost here we have completed several roof repairs over the last couple of weeks.   We seem to have had a run of leaking chimneys, most of which needed new lead flashing installed and tiles replaced.   Our last roof repair[…]

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roof repair St. Ives

What a great week of weather we have had, although forever changing. I have needed to put my jacket on a couple mornings this week with a chill in the air, and yet making sure all the boys have got their sun hats on. No rain, and that is the[…]

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Killara roof repair

Slate roofs are something that we specialise in and like all of our work, take great pride in doing. The slate itself is a hardwearing natural stone renowned for its durability. The problem with this roof leak in Killara was actually the box gutter.It needed to be wider to allow[…]

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North Shore Roofing

North Shore Roofers Call 02 9477 7961 for a free quote! We’re back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and New Year but its back to business! Summer is starting to kick in with some extremely hot days. That being said, there have been a few nights of[…]

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Roof Repairs in Asquith

Roofing in Asquith

For roofing jobs in Asquith, call us on 02 9477 7961 As always, Southern Cross Roofing is hard at work in Asquith doing our usual duties. We get calls from all over the place but it was nice to have a job as close as Asquith. The recent rain around[…]

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