roof repair St. Ives

What a great week of weather we have had, although forever changing.

I have needed to put my jacket on a couple mornings this week with a chill in the air, and yet making sure all the boys have got their sun hats on.

No rain, and that is the main thing for us.

This week we have a new young apprentice on board and he is working out great, seems to be getting stuck into it and really enjoying the work, this does give our second year apprentice a chance to step up.


Now down to work, this week we repaired a leaking roof in St Ives.

We have been busy with re-bed and pointing the caps and gables on the entire roof, all of the cement work was crumbling and generally in poor condition. We replaced all broken terracotta tiles and re-fixed all the tiles around the skylight.

There was a small section to the rear that was leaking due to a design issue, rather than the weather.

We had to replace the tiles in this section with colorbond sheeting to be able to over come this design issue. The finished result was fantastic and we left with another very happy customer.

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