Roof repair Gordon

With the rain out of the way and summer almost here we have completed several roof repairs over the last couple of weeks.


We seem to have had a run of leaking chimneys, most of which needed new lead flashing installed and tiles replaced.


Our last roof repair was in Gordon and although there were no leaks, the pointing work was old and needed relacing to seal the roof from the rain and therefore prevent any leaks.

We removed ridge, caps and gables from the entire roof and re-bed and pointed them all. All valleys were in good condition.

There was a section of sarking that had been damaged and was hanging down.

We removed the tiles over this area, removed the battens and fix new heavy duty sarking in place, we refixed the battens and tiles.

All gutters were cleaned out and all rubbish i.e cement debris were cleared away.


Next week is set to bring some more tile roof repairs and a few gutter repairs.

Hopefully, more of this warm weather and not too much rain.

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