Roof Repairs in Asquith

Roofing in Asquith

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As always, Southern Cross Roofing is hard at work in Asquith doing our usual duties. We get calls from all over the place but it was nice to have a job as close as Asquith. The recent rain around the Asquith area is beginning to show some issues that are present in roofs. Work has come flying due to this rain. Usually rain also means we can’t get onto roofs however this time we have been very lucky. After a couple of days of rain, we were given a period of sunshine, meaning we could treat those roofs very quickly. No matter what issues the rain brings, Southern Cross Roofing is here to fix them.

This particular job in Asquith had us removing tiles and replacing them as well as removing the existing valley iron. There was also a handful of other jobs as well such as fixing leaf screens and providing silicone seal where it was required. This customer was referred to us by one of our previous customers. They were told of our outstanding services and costs and wanted to be a part of it. Our customers are always satisfied with the job that we provide, that is why they keep coming back!

On another note, we have some exciting news to present soon regarding our director Mark Webster so stay tuned to a blog coming out in the coming weeks. For all roofing enquiries please call us on 02 9477 7961.


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