Winter is Here, Make Sure Your Roof Doesn’t Need Repairing Today

Recently Southern Cross Roofing has uploaded some new images that are showcasing our magnificent work. We are trying to find new ways to prove to you that our roofing work is some of the best in Sydney. We have been working hard on some great projects that are requiring some tough roof repairs, but nothing is too difficult or too big for our team of expert roofers.

Over the years, we have seen it all. Nothing surprises us. We often get customers calling up for a job that we have done so many time that we can get it done very quickly. There is plenty of information on our roof repairs page about what services we provide.

We will try our best to keep you guys updated on some of the projects that we have been working on and provide before and after photos. Our gallery has a great before and after photo of a terracotta roof we worked on. Hopefully we can get some similar photos to you soon.

How Can You Avoid Costly Repair Bills When the Bad Weather Sets in?

If you’re in Sydney, you’re probably more than aware that winter is well and truly here. Luckily there has not been too much rain but there have been some intense winds and extreme cold spells. The wind is making our phones quite busy. Intense winds can start to move roof materials around or have debris fly into your roofs causing extra damage. Additionally, while it may have been quiet so far, winter will eventually bring on the rain fall. This is what really makes our phones buzz. Home owners start identifying leaks and gutter issues that they need to get fixed as soon as possible. The issue is, if it’s raining, we can’t get to your roof! It’s a bit of a catch 22. The rain brings you to us, but stops us from getting to you!

The key is to adopt preventive measures. Don’t wait for the issue to happen and then have to wait for it to get fixed. Leaving a leak unattended could result in massive damages to your roof and increased repair bills. Get us out to your roof for an inspection or if you notice something minor. Don’t let it grow to a really big problem. Southern Cross Roofing will help identify the issue and then perform our expert roof repairs. If you’re a Sydney home owner with a concern about your roof, give us a call now!

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