Re-Roof Vaucluse

Now the rain has eased on Sydney we are able to get on to fixing all the damage it has left behind.

Several suburbs including Beecroft, Lindfield, Wahroonga, Hornsby, St Ives, Turramurra, Pymble, across our beautiful city have been affected.

Many, that are not so urgent being left with tarps covering damaged and leaking areas.

We often split our roofing team on smaller repair works in order to get around to as many as possible at a time like this, when so many people are being affected by Sydney weather. We want to repair as many as quickly as possible as there is usually internal damage that, home owners want to get repaired and of course the roof needs to be watertight first.

As calls are coming through we realize the repercussions of such severe weather.


On a much dryer note Southern Cross Roofing have just completed a new roof on a home in a beautiful part of Sydney, Vaucluse. As with all of our re-roofs we use Sydney Safe-T-Rail to install edge protection to comply with Australian law. With this fixed in place and the French Terracotta tiles delivered we were straight into stripping the existing roof covering.

The day of the week and weather have a large affect on a re-roof. We need a dry day to remove the existing roof tiles and install the Sarking. We wouldn’t start this on a Friday leaving it all weekend. There is nothing worse than trying to remove a tiled roof when it decides to rain, we keep all roofs watertight at all times, but we can be on and off a roof all day in showery weather. Unfortunately our industry relies heavily on good weather. Due to the weather fluctuations we are constantly re organizing our schedule.

The sarking we use is with a heavy duty foil which acts as insulation and fire retardant. Next process is to batten and tile roof area. Most of our roofing materials are supplied by Sydney roof and building supplies.

With the tiles laid it is just bed and pointing of the ridge caps to finish off the brand new roof. Again with wet weather this can be washed out, we can use a retardant to help the pointing go off, but it does depend on how severe the rain is. In most cases we will come back to complete the pointing at a later stage.


So many customers now, are having leaf screen installed along with their re-roofs or roof repairs. It really is a good choice, keeping gutters and downpipes free from leaf debris is essential for when wet weather hits. When the water can get away easily there are generally less leaks occurring. If a downpipe is blocked with leaves the water builds up until it fills the gutters to overflow. Leaf screen will prevent leaf debris from building up in the gutters and downpipes and in sudden heavy downpours water is free to flow straight down into the drains.


With another re-roof complete and less rain expected we are looking forward to completing more roof repairs, fixing all leaking roofs and installing many more new roofs.


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