Get your roofs checked for leaks!

Roof Leak Repairs in Sydney

The weather can’t seem to make its mind up here in Sydney. There have been extremely hot sunny days and then just this week, we were shown the other side with a series of storms. Since then, we have noticed that our phones are ringing because home owners are finding roof leaks!

The importance of identifying rook leaks early are enormous. If a leak is left unattended, what would normally be a quick and inexpensive fix will turn into a really big problem. Luckily, Southern Cross Roofing are experts at performing repairs to roofs. Its what we do!

Today some of our workers are in Berowra providing home owners with a peace of mind that you wont have any leaks or issues for a long time. This roof has us doing dozens of little tasks such as We provide a great warranty plan that leaves our customers walking away feeling safe and secure.

If you have noticed a leak, or if you are unsure that a leak exists, give us a call. We provide free quotes so there is no reason to worry that you will be bound into an expensive repair bill. We recognise Christmas is a busy time of year but please do give us a call and we will work with you to find a time that fits.


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