Warrawee Tile Repairs

A slightly different project in Warrawee this week. It was mostly a clean up job rather than a brand new installation or re roof. But as always, no job is too big or too small for Southern Cross Roofing. Whatever roofing work you want done, we will jump to it!

Instead of usually cleaning our leaf debris out of gutters we found ourself removing them from old roof tiles. These tiles had several cracks and needed to be replaced. We removed everything that was necessary and placed them in the customers recycling bin. We had a handful of second hand roof tiles that we obtain from www.srbs.com.au. We understand that not everyone can afford brand new roof tiles which is why we have this option available to you.

We also were required to remove the antenna which is something we do not usually see in our every day work. Flashing also had to be removed so we could then install Wider flue flashing to cover the new roof tiles.

There was a lot of small individual jobs that can be a little bit tedious. We are very good at carrying these out in an orderly fashion that ensures minimal error or confusion. Our roofers are not new to this. Mark Webster has been one of the more respected roofers in Sydney for quite some time now and he individually looks over all of the projects. Because of this, the house in Warrawee was given a great overhaul.

If you want one of Sydney’s most respected roofers working on your roof then contact us now on 02 9487 7961 or use the contact us page!

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