Thornleigh Roof Work

Thornleigh Roof and Gutter Work

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A project was just finished in the lovely suburb of Thornleigh. We very much enjoyed working on this roof, not just because there was a Maccas around the corner! The home owners were lovely and the roof was in great shape. Our job was mostly to do with gutters and leaf screens.

This Thornleigh home needed some of their defective valleys removed and renewed with the colorbond valley flashing. We also had to replace a few of the roof tiles with our custom cut tiles as required. Not all tiles were removed as most of them were still in good shape. We will not pretend that you have problems where there are none. Our main focus for this roof was the gutter so we swept that out so we could get straight to work.

We installed the down pipes and removed the existing guttering. fixed the brackets to the fascia and performed additional tasks such as sealed all joins and fixtures with silicon. The leaf screen we installed has a lovely mesh look which we fixed under the second course of tiles. We used colorbond saddles to fix the mesh to the metal roof sheets and fixed the mesh to the gutter edge via a colorbond trim.

We inspected this roof countless times for problems as it was requested by the home owners. We were not looking for problems for our benefit but for the customers. We will never find problems that don’t exist and we will never perform a task without your permission. No hidden costs will turn up! We are Sydney’s trusted roofers and this Thornleigh house can vouch for that. Give us a call on 02 9477 7961 to experience the same level of customer service that this lovely roof witnessed.

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