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We have recently got some feedback that our blog posts have been helping residents recognise that we service their area. It also allows them to have a better idea of some of the work we are doing. So for that reason, we are now more keen than ever, to deliver some high quality blogs outlining where we are working and what we are doing!

Todays blog is more about showing you that we are one of Sydney’s most trusted roofing companies. We have been contracted to work on yet another Church roof! These huge projects don’t get handed to just anyone, you need experience, high quality materials and highly talented team members. But most of all, you need to have proven your work in the field! If you have a look at our project gallery you can see some of our high quality work.

When working on a project like this, you need to ensure that you are providing tiles that keep the buildings aesthetic in place. Especially with Churches, you need to ensure that the roof follows the vibe and the architect of the building. Luckily, Southern Cross Roofing stores a huge array of tiles that provides our clients with plenty of options, allowing us to accommodate to any and all aesthetic desires.

This Church was blessed with a brand new set of tiles which included some very detailed cutting, renewed colour bond valley flashing and plenty more. Southern Cross Roofing is one of Sydney’s best tilers, we are sure of that, so for any tiling work that you need done, go check out the Church on Anderson St, Chatswood, to see some of the work that we are capable of. If you do make the trip to the Church, you may notice another thing, there is no mess! We will always clean up whatever debris and mess that is left over after the hard work is done. All of our projects are not finished until every last bit of work is completed.

To talk to the trusted roof tilers in Sydney, call us on 02 9477 7961 so that we can explain our services to you.


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