Stanmore Roof Tile Work

This week we head closer to the city to work on a roof in Stanmore. For those not sure where it is, Newtown, one of the more popular and trending suburbs sits just next door. There are a lot of modern houses as well as traditional city looking houses that we are lucky enough to work on. This particular house is going to look infinitely better with its gorgeous new Tudor Concrete Tiles.

The Tudor Concrete Roof Tiles are not a very popular choice among our customers but it is a great one. The concrete roof tile is a very fire resistant and cheap option and can be very easily customised. Additionally, it is a very sturdy material that will last you a long time so you can be assured that you wont have to contact a roofing company any time soon!

We also continued to sark the side elevation using heavy duty sarking that is a very popular material among roofers. We get all of our materials from (Sydney Roof and Building Supplies). They have a gigantic range of roofing materials that range from 2nd hand roof tiles to nail guns. We have been purchasing our materials through them for years as we are so confident with their quality.

Our customer in Stanmore was very pleased with our work. We had discussions with them throughout the duration of the project and their needs changed after we consulted with them. Our ability to talk with our client and offer a range of solutions allows for you to feel safe and secure that you are contracting with Sydney’s best roofers.

Call us on 02 9477 7961 so we can consult with you and provide you with a number of solutions so you can pick one that fits your budget and your needs.

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