Slate Roof Repair St Leonards

This week we have been in the busy city suburb of St Leonards.

Replacing a slate roof, one of my personal favorite things to do.

We have had a great week of weather for it too, getting much colder but no rain to hold us back.


This roof needed a whole section to be replaced and so we started by stripping the existing slate from the verandah and front main roof.

We re-sarked, re-battened and supplied and installed new slate.

For this particular roof we used the Welsh Bugail slates and as with all slate roofs used copper nails.


The finished look was sensational and although slate is not as easy and straight forward as most tile roofs, it is well worth the extra effort and worth the extra money for the customers. Once again our customer was extremely happy with the finished result and commented on how great our roofers were. We do all love to get our hands on a slate job when we can.


Next week we are back to the local suburbs with a colorbond roof installation.

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