Roof Repair Hornsby heights

We have been inundated with calls from people with leaking roofs from all the rain, I have an enormous amount of quotes to get to as soon as this rain dries up.

On a rare DRY day this week, we have managed to get a couple of roofs repaired.

A Leaking roof in Hornsby heights being one of them. It was the neighbour who actually recommended us to this customer, who had his roof repaired by us just a few months ago.

We started by removing all the defective valleys from the entire roof area and renewed them with color bond valley flashings. We replaced broken tiles where required. Then we removed the ridge caps from the entire roof and disposed of all debris i.e the cement. We re-bedded the caps using 4 x 1 bed mix, which holds the caps firmly in place. Then we re-pointed the caps using flexipont, which seals the roof from rain.

We removed the gables and done the same cement and flexipoint process. Once this was complete we just checked over the entire roof for any broken tiles and replaced them, lastly we swept out the gutter and cleared all rubbish away from site.

You can imagine the customer was very pleased to get this repair complete at a time when he needed it most, he can rest assured his leaking roof, will no longer leak, no matter how much rain we get.

Our current roof repair has come to a stop due to the rain, we made the area water tight as the rain started and this will stay in place until the rain stops and we are able to get back to site and finish off the repair.

Lets hope there is not too much more rain and we can get lots of leaking roofs repaired next week.

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