Pennant Hills Roofing

Pennant Hills Roofers

Our workers are getting to work on a number of smaller projects as the run to Christmas is keeping us very busy. Not to mention this weather is also making it very hard to tell if we will be able to get to your roof or not!

Currently the boys are at Pennant Hills working on a typical project that requires the use of some of our more budget options. They were very impressed by our competitive prices we were able to offer. This is thanks to our huge supply range that we get from our long time friends over at Sydney Roof and Building Supply.

This sudden out pour of rain is also keeping us very busy fixing leaking roofs. Our blog last week outlined that it was very important that home owners address the issue early and we are seeing more and more home owners getting the message!

As you may have guessed, we did the usual stripping back tiles and replacing them, used heavy duty sarking and as always, are gearing up to do all the cleaning! To ensure that our customers remember us for our quality service we need to ensure that once we are gone, they are not left with a huge amount of work to be done through cleaning!

Pennant Hills has some lovely homes. One of which just broke the record for selling at the highest price ever in the hills district. We are very fortunate to be one of the top roofing choices for that area.

If you live in Pennant Hills or any of its surround suburbs and are looking for a quality roofer to attend to any leaks, repairs or more, then look no further. Southern Cross Roofing is ready to get to your roof as quickly as we can!

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