Our Director is President of Master Slaters, Tilers & Shinglers Association

Mark is the president of the Roofing Industry Association of NSW

We have some exciting news to share with you all. Our Director Mark Webster, has been recently appointed the President of the Roofing Industry Association of NSW. Formally known as the Master Slaters, Tilers & Shinglers Association. This is a very prestigious title that was not handed to anyone. It takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise in roofing.

The Master Slaters, Tilers & Shinglers Association (MSTSA) was founded over 70 years ago and was established to help create standards for roofing materials used. They provide input to Governments, Education bodies, roof tile manufacturers and a variety of building industry associations. Additionally, they are also heavily involved in conflict resolution, State Industrial Commissions and the training. The opinion of anyone associated with the MSTSA is so highly regarded that we also help set the standards for the Construction Industry Training Advisory Board (NSW).

There will be bi monthly meetings to discuss a variety of topics and issues. Mark has encouraged any roofing company that wishes to join to get in touch. For more information on these meetings please call us on 02 9477 7961, we will be happy to help.

By Mark Webster

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