More Roofing work in Northbridge

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We continue with updating you about our roofing projects with a blog about our project in Northbridge. This particular project was a large one that had a bit of everything in it. We had to order in a lot of product to accommodate for this roof. Thankfully, we have some of the best suppliers in Sydney who are able to provide us with the highest quality materials.

This roofing project is being considered a new roof project. We are completely stripping back the tiles to the rafters so that we can install terracotta tiles. These terracotta tiles are becoming very popular in our roofing work. Once we show our clients the selection of roof tiles they are often drawn to the stunning look of the terracotta tile. However our huge selection allows for plenty of options that will not limit you to one choice.

Your safety is always our top priority

We have taken measures to provide insulation and fire protection by installing sarking. We did this by using heavy duty foil that will definitely get the job done. You can not underestimate the importance of ensuring your roof is capable of protecting your home. Additionally, insulation will be able to provide savings in energy bills which we will talk about in another blog. It all comes back to our excellent range of roofing materials that complement the expert services we provide.

We grab our roofing materials from a number of providers that include Boral and Monier. We have been long term customers of Sydney Roof and Building Supplies and have never been disappointed. We take extra measures to ensure we are using the best quality materials. Our Director, Mark Webster, even travelled to Wales and Spain to scope out the best Slate sources and understand how they are manufactured.

To learn more about our range of roofing materials and where we source them from contact us now on. Stay tuned for more blog posts showcasing more projects and a series outlining the benefits of obtaining roofing services.

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