leaking roof in chats wood

This terracotta tile roof in Chatswood had some damage from a falling tree branch, when inspecting the roof it became apparent that the rest of the roof was in need of some repairs.

I quoted this one with two options.Option 1 being, just the immediate leak and option 2 being my recommended option that included the immediate leak but also included all other repairs.

The owner decided to go with the recommended option, which in my opinion was the most efficient option.


We started with the immediate leak, removing slipped and damaged tiles and ridge caps above the problem gable.

We supplied and fixed in place new tiles, clip fixing them where required and re-bed and pointed the affected caps back in place.

We then removed the defective valleys to the entire roof area, excluding the new valleys, and renewed them with colorbond valley flashings.

We replaced the tiles cutting new tiles where required and clip fixed valley cuts where possible.

We removed the ridge caps and gables from the entire roof area and disposed of the old debris.

We then re-bedded the caps and gables to hold them firmly in place and re-pointed them to seal them from the rain.

We replaced all broken tiles, swept out the gutters and cleared away the site.


All of our repair work comes with a 2 year guarantee so with this home owner having gone with the recommended option this has prevented any further leaks in the future.


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