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Hello again! We are back to tell you about one of our projects that we are currently working on! One of our Hornsby contractors have been going to work on a huge project in Pymble. This customer spared no expense to ensure that they were given the best quality roof that they also loved the look of.

This particular client decided to go with the Air Cell sarking. This is one of the highest quality sarking options on the market. It has been mentioned in many previous blog posts that we like to stock a wide variety of materials. This is so that we can accommodate to everyones need. We recognise that not everyone can afford the highest quality material, so because of that we stock more affordable options. But do not worry, they are still fantastic quality!

The roof was to be tiled with the Boral Eclipse Terracotta Shingle. It was essentially a new roof project the amount of work that was done. Every tile was replaced meaning that the home got a brand new look. Having a new roof can make your home look like it was built yesterday. The terracotta was a great option because it went the the house so well and provided a very classic look. Boral has never let us down with the quality of their materials.

Of course there was also the nitty gritty work that had to be done such as battening the roof area, using flexipoint  to create a level of consistency and more. We often don’t talk much about these things because they are not as interesting as the rest, but don’t be mistaken, we put just as much effort into these areas as we do with others.

Having contractors all across Sydney allows us to hit so many different suburbs. Hornsby is just one of the dozens of suburbs we service. Give Southern Cross Roofing a call on 02 9477 7961 to find out if we can get to you!


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