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Hello again, we’re back with another blog on a roof we worked on in Willoughby. We feel like this project is one that will help us communicate how well we work with the customer to ensure that they are getting what they want. After all, our main aim is to ensure that you are satisfied with our work and feel comfortable with returning to us for future roofing issues.

The work we performed in Willoughby had us communicating closely with the client. Their situation was that they had part of their roof previously fixed with new tiles and that they wanted only the old roof tiles replaced to match the new ones. We went to work and began stripping back the old tiles and placing in the new ones. However after talking with the client, it was agreed that removing the tiles that they had put in place previously was the best course of action.

So instead of fitting part of their roof with new tiles, we installed the tiles all over. For this roof, we used the Boral French roof tile. Its gorgeous sunset orange colour allows the house to keep its homely vibe. Additionally we also installed heavy duty sarking and had new timber barges put in place. There was three of our workers working on it and it only took us four days to complete it.

Once we were done with this roof, it was in alignment with all Australian standards. Through working closely with the customer, we were able to deliver a roof they could be proud of. To experience this level of customer satisfaction, call us now to get a free quote on your Willoughby roof!

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