Barramundi Tile Roof in Roseville Chase, Sydney

Barramundi Tiles

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Today we wanted to share with you some of the work we did in Roseville Chase which is just a couple of kilometres north east of Chatswood Station. We are frequently around the Chatswood area doing work in its surrounding suburbs such as Willoughby. This was a rather large project given the size of the roof and we went the extra mile by using some high quality materials.

We used the gorgeous traditional barramundi tile all over the roof. The dark roof tile looked great with the pale colour of the walls. This gave this home a fantastic modern look that helped it renew its age. You can see from the photos what the Barramundi looks like and how it assists in modernising the home.

The extra mile came with the sarking. We used air-cell sarking that has a fantastic insulation rating and is one of our preferred choices. While it is not the cheapest option we consulted with the client and communicated its benefits and they were happy to get on board. We will never make you pay for something you cant afford. To ensure that we have a number of options to meet any budget, we stock a huge variety of roof materials. We will always work with you to ensure you are getting something you are happy with before we commence our work.

As with all of our roofing projects, we offer a 7-year guarantee in an attempt to provide you with a level of security. We pride ourselves on making our customers feel safe when contracting with us. There is nothing more rewarding when you have returning customers as it is a reminder that they love your work.

For all roofing enquiries please contact us on 02 9477 7961 or email us via the contact us page.

Barramundi Roof in Roseville Chase Tiled roof near Chatswood Front on picture of a Barramundi Roof

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