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Southern Cross Roofing have been the experts for roof replacement and roof restoration in Sydney for many years, installing a variety of roofs on homes all over Sydney. Whether the jobs are for large or small homes, we are primed and ready to exceed expectations.

Reasons Why you Replace a Roof

Roof repairs in Sydney might be needed for a number of reasons. Sometimes repairing the roof might be too expensive, leading you needing a replacement. If this is the case, we can provide you with a fantastic roof upgrade that will keep your home temperate and beautiful.

Another reason to think about replacing your roof is that it will greatly enhance the resale price of your home.

There are also a lot of hidden benefits that often go unnoticed. For example there is the warranty renewal of seven years that we offer. A homeowner can also expect to save money on their bills as they we provide expert insulation services.

Difference between roof replacement and re-roofing

Reroofing involves layering new shingles over top of existing shingles. Because no existing materials are removed, this is a fairly fast process with minimal cleanup. Unfortunately, since this can only be done once, homeowners who already have two layers of roofing will not be able to use this option.

A full-blown roof replacement tears off the existing roof and then lays on brand new linking and shingles. Because of the extra removal labor involved in roof replacements, it’s a much more expensive option than simple reroofing.

When to reroof and when to replace a roof

Reroofing is ideal for homeowners with a roof nearing its end-of-life that is still in decent shape. Reroofing in such cases can apply patchwork fixes to address minor leaks, missing shingles or mildew buildup. On the downside, reroofing can gloss over issues with your roof deck, leading to larger repair bills down the line.

While working in the field, Southern Cross Roofing has come across a few cases of Sydney homeowners trying to cut costs by adding more than one layer of shingles onto their degrading roof. The problem is that adding more than one layer of additional shingles requires nails to be driven in extremely deep. Also adding additional layers makes it more difficult to gauge the condition of the underlying materials.

As for roof replacements, this the the best option if the shingles or roof are in very poor condition. To be blunt, it is often an unwise choice to try and save money with a cheap reroofing job. In the long run, roof replacements are usually the safer and more reliable option.

Partial roof replacements

A mid-range option between reroofing and roof replacement jobs are partial roof replacements. These cost less than a full roof restoration. However, these types of jobs tend to be billed at a higher rate per square foot.

In addition, partial roof replaements don’t consider a roof as a single sealed system – there is no guarantee that other parts of the roof will not fail shortly after repairing only one section.

If you choose this option, Southern Cross Roofing will deftly integrate the new fixes into the existing roof to maintain cohesive protection all-round.

Roof painting in Sydney

A fast an easy way to quickly restore many types of roofs is by painting them. Painting can be applied to many types of roofing materials, such as concrete tiles and metal surfaces, and even  terracotta tiled roofs in some cases. Southern Cross Roofing specialise in roof restorations and can handle painting with precision and reliability.

  • Step 1: remove debris, droppings and fungi; clean with a jet washer
  • Step 2: apply a roof sealer, which will prevent the paint from seeping into porous tiles. For example, glazed terracotta tiles usually need a special coat of glass-based sealant that needs to sit for two days before painting.
  • Step 3: apply the topcoat.

The painting process should never be rushed – each coat should be completely dry before applying the next layer.

Sydney’s Best Roof Restoration Experts

Southern Cross Roofing uses a variety of high quality roofing materials. Customers who are satisfied with the look and feel of their current roof can rest assured: our work will resemble the original as closely as possible.

Are you in Sydney and looking for a roofing company to replace your roof? Then look no further, we are ready and keen to show you how talented our team is so call us now so we can perform our fantastic services.

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