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Southern Cross Roofing are Sydney’s roofing experts and insulation specialists. Imagine saving as much as $1000 per year on heating and cooling costs – while Sydney energy bills are expected to rise by 40%-60% over the next few years.

Our insulation packages are designed to increase the energy rating of your home. Typical starter homes in Sydney come in with an average EER of 0-1.5 stars. With Southern Cross insulation packages,  your home’s Energy Rating can rise to as high as EER 4-5 stars. This will make your home at 20% cooler in summer and 50% warmer in winter.

In addition, upgrading your insulation will also raise the value of your home. We will provide you with free quotes and competitive prices so call us now so you can move one step closer to getting insulation installed in your home by experts!

Insulation in Australia: the Definitive Guide

For sake of insulation regulations, Australia is divided into different climate zones, each with its own specific insulation requirements. It is the Building Code of Australia (BCA) that sets minimum requirements for R-values of insulation materials used for construction of Sydney area buildings.

In Sydney, all insulation materials available on the market meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 4859. Even so, it’s important to do the research and compare the environmental benefits of different products before making a decision.

Because of such complexities, Southern Cross Roofing is Sydney’s premier home insulation consultants. We can explain all the nuances of insulation in easy to understand terms. For example,

Understanding Insulation R-Value

The resistance of insulation to conductive heat flow is calculated using thermal resistance, more popularly known as R-value. The higher the R-value, the greater the heat retention of the insulation, meaning a slower loss of heat. R-Values are calculated based on the insulation’s resistance to heat conduction and thickness.

The proper R-value insulation you will need for your Sydney home will depend on your existing climate control system, and also the part of the house you intend to insulate. Minimum insulation levels are generally consistent across various locations in Australia. Examples:

  • Sydney minimum insulation R-Value: 4.1 for the roof and ceiling; 2.8 for walls
  • Perth minimum insulation R-Value: 4.1 for the roof and ceiling; 2.8 for walls
  • Cairns minimum insulation R-Value: 4.1 for the roof and ceiling; 2.8 for walls
  • Thredbo (NSW) minimum insulation R-Value: 6.3 for the roof and ceiling; 3.8 for walls

Types of Insulation in Sydney

  1. Bulk insulation: this resists the transfer of both conducted and convected heat by utilizing trapped air pockets within itself. This type of insulation is generally made up of a combination of glass wool, cellulose fibre, polyester and polystyrene.
  2. Reflective insulation: this type of insulation works by resisting radiant heat flow because of its high reflectivity and ability to re-radiate heat. Reflective insulation’s thermal resistance depends on the direction of heat flowing through it.

Adding insulation to existing buildings

Quality insulation is best installed during the initial construction of a home of building. However, adding insulation to existing structures can be done. The cost and effectiveness depends on a few factors.

For example, adding roof insulation into ceilings with easy access is quite easy post-construction, although installing insulation batts into rafters is more difficult. In general, walls are the most difficult to insulate after construction.

Southern Cross Roofing employs various techniques using specialized equipment to help insulate existing walls with greater ease. In addition, if local building regulations allow it, we can also apply external insulation, using cavity fill techniques.

Would getting insulation professionally installed benefit my property?

By now it should be clear the myriad benefits of insulation for Sydney homeowners. Some homeowners may not want insulation simply because they don’t have the money, but what if you were aware that insulation can greatly save money on your energy bills? Stop blasting your heater and air conditioner and have your home running at a great temperature all year round. Through insulation, you can make your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Additionally, by installing insulation you are making a positive step to becoming green! When you install insulation, you are making a great contribution to reducing greenhouse emissions and ensuring a sustainable future! If you want more information on how this is possible, please feel free to call us.

It has been said that 40% of your energy bills are there due to your home not having quality insulation installed. Join those who know what it feels like to have a cozy home all year round and are also able to feel better about making a positive move towards a sustainable future. Call Southern Cross Roofing today to get your insulation installed by the team you can trust!

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